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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Eurogerm, we know that companies have a major role in achieving the objectives of sustainable development, and in preventing the risks and threats hanging over our collective future. We’re committed to helping to ensure the world is a place humans can continue to thrive for generations to come.

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Considering Our Future

Long-convinced that companies have a major role in achieving the objectives of sustainable development and in preventing the risks and threats hanging over our collective future, and persuaded that developing a sustainable and responsible approach undeniably brings benefits to the company, its customers, its partners and its employees, Eurogerm has committed itself, since 2011, to the United Nations Global Compact to support the 10 principles regarding human rights, employment rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. .

This commitment to the United Nations Global Compact was the first step in our CSR approach. This approach fits naturally into our company's strategy, and invites us to continuously improve our practices and to measure the impact of our actions and decisions on people, on the environment, and on society.

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Human Rights

EUROGERM ensures the commitment of its subsidiaries, its suppliers and its partners to respect the principles of the United Nations Global Compact:

  • Subsidiaries Commitment: EUROGERM expects that its subsidiaries practice the same policy and ethics under the responsibility of its partners and operational directors. With the objective of sustainably supporting the growth of EUROGERM, a "subsidiary charter" defines the principles and practices of governance to be met by the subsidiaries.
  • Responsible purchasing: EUROGERM involves and engages its suppliers and partners by means of a contractual agreement and an ethical charter.

Employment Rights

For EUROGERM, women and men are the promoters of its future and the artisans of the world of tomorrow:

  • EUROGERM wants to anchor its practices and relationships in the trust, respect, listening and dialogue with its staff, to perpetuate their skills, motivation and well-being.
  • In this process of mutual respect, EUROGERM associates all its stakeholders (employees, suppliers, clients, partners, etc.) in the deployment of CSR values.


EUROGERM is aware that its success is better shared if it cares about the impact of its actions on the environment.

Aware that its decisions, actions and activities have consequences on natural systems, EUROGERM develops initiatives to reduce its environmental impact:

  • EUROGERM develops responsible ranges, based on ingredients and solutions that are environmentally-friendly (organic, clean label, CRC : Controlled Reasoned Cultivation…)
  • EUROGERM wishes to improve its practices and develop innovative technologies that generate less GHGs and consume less energy.
  • EUROGERM is committed to taking the necessary initiatives to make the best use of renewable energy sources and improve the energy efficiency of its activities.
  • EUROGERM is committed to taking the necessary initiatives to sort, reduce and optimize the waste generated by its activities.

Fight Against Corruption

EUROGERM applies a general policy based on loyalty, deontology and ethics.

  • The group's stakeholders are committed to promoting products and services in an honest and loyal manner.
  • All employees and the group's stakeholders undertake not to solicit or accept any donation, payment or offset, in any corrupt manner, from our clients and suppliers.

Humanitarian and Biodiversity Protection Programs

EUROGERM is aware of its societal role and carries out joint actions with its subsidiaries in humanitarian programs and actions focused on food aid, health, education and the environment, aimed at:

  • Improving the living conditions and rights of the most disadvantaged.
  • Acting in favor of the biodiversity protection.